Nous sommes arrivés en France

We’ve made it to France!

On what was reportedly the hottest day of the year, and for some a record breaking day, we rocked up in our Mini to the Channel Tunnel.  All trains were delayed, but it wasn’t too bad as we looked at leaving only 30 minutes after our original departure time.

Now we Brits are renowned for moaning about the weather, but the heat was causing some issues for our little car. Having done the London to Brighton Mini rally we new this could be an issue, and sure enough she began to moan and her brakes started sticking. 

Whilst in the queue we got a lot of attention, people coming up to us and asking about Eva Mini. One very kind chap opened his wallet and handed us money for Sussex Snowdrop Trust as well as giving us added hope we would succeed as he told us how he had driven a classic Mini through the Alps.


We managed to cool down on the train as we draped  ourselves over the air con fans, but it did little to cool the cars. Driving through France it felt as if it was just getting hotter and those cars with the luxury of a temperature gauge were registering anywhere between 40 and 43 degrees. Yes we had the windows down, but that did little to help as the air itself was so warm.

But she did it - she made it to St Omer where all the teams registered with the Two Ball Rally officials. A good nights rest in the hotel car park was somewhat interrupted but some terrific thunderstorms but we are hoping this will bring the temperature down a bit for today’s mammoth leg - just over 500 miles....

We will let you know how we did once we do.

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