On Days Like These

Our next challenge for Eva was to get her over the Alps via the Frejus Tunnel. Would she make it up? And perhaps more importantly, would she make it back down the other side?

We’d set off early and the air was cool, and stayed cool as she climbed up the mountain pass. Nice and slow, 3rd gear only, we still managed to overtake a caravanette - You’ve Been Mini’d! Then we sat in the queue for the tunnel, she was rather hot and bothered by now, and we were a little concerned that there appeared to be a bit of smoke coming from the back. But onwards we plodded, driving the 8+ miles through the belly of the Alps. As we approached the exit a sign warned us of rain; we could clearly see sunshine, but as we emerged into Italy we saw that the roads were drenched and the downpour we had just missed had made the pine trees scent heady and fresh.

So now - downwards.... Rather worryingly this route covers mile upon mile of bridges. Last summer we were on the Morandi bridge just days before it collapsed.... but safely down she came and at the bottom we switched drivers.

Now onto Turin and the main road down to the coast. This was full of ups and downs and curves and bends, and as Eva has no power steering it felt like a gym session with arms, abs and obliques all playing their part in keeping her in her lane and at a respectable pace.

Then - the sea! A most welcome site, and on we drove on the main highway through into France and on to Monaco.

At the hotel we found Eva her own private parking space and then headed out for a walk, a bite to eat and a cocktail or two.

An unexpired bonus that night was a spectacular fireworks display, with lightning acting as an additional backdrop. We are pretty sure these were put on because the King of Monaco had heard Eva Mini was in town..

So third night of storms and torrential rain, but this time she was safely tucked up inside...

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