Sussex Snowdrop Trust

Dolphin have found their Sussex charity!

Dolphin Computer's are very pleased to announce that they will be fundraising for The Sussex Snowdrop Trust, based in Chichester, West Sussex. This decision was made for several reasons, but most importantly we wanted a smaller charity, one who would really benefit from help. In addition, the communication and support offered by Snowdrop was without doubt the best we have come across from any charity. Finally, we read their Thank You Letters page, and this sealed the deal as you can see first hand the difference this wonderful charity makes to local families.

Dolphin's marketing director, Lorelei Gibb, took the mini up to Snowdrop's Walberton offices to introduce her to the Ladies who work there - and they loved her!

Now we are trying to get some much-needed funds rolling in, and the Dolphin JustGiving page is up and running - if you can help please visit Dolphin Computers Brighton and donate what you can.

We'll be updating all who sponsor us on Twitter, Instagram, our dedicated Facebook Group page, on our own website, and on the Just Giving page, so please choose you're favourite platform and find out whether Dolphin make it Barcelona....

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