Why The Two Ball Rally?

We’ve progressed from people asking us, “Do you think your car will be ready in time?”, to “Are you looking forward to your trip?” which in itself is quite an achievement (and the answer to both is yes....).

So why Two Ball Rally? Why chose a rally that encourages you to buy a proper old banger, with a maximum budget of £567 to spend on said motor? Why opt for an event that involves you driving your ageing, seen-better-days car for over 500 miles in one day? Why sign up for a European road trip that will test both your physical and mental resilience?

There are several reasons why, and none of them include us losing our marbles.

Two Ball’s USP is that they are “The ONLY European road trip and banger rally where all vehicles are welcome” – we like that attitude of inclusiveness.

Then there is the challenge – to find a car that is within budget, to get it road worthy in time for the main event, and to get it from the UK to Spain via France, the Alps, Italy and Monaco.

And then there are the people – we have yet to meet any of the organisers or fellow “ralliers” but the communication since we signed up has been outstanding. Email inquiries by the organisers are swiftly answered, information is regularly sent out to all participants, and the dedicated Facebook groups are full of both important information and laugh-out-loud updates.

We approached Ian, who is the founding member of Two Ball, and asked him where this vision for a banger rally came from:

“It all started in 2014 with the original route to Nice, we had less than 25 cars. I planned the first route from a hotel bar one evening whilst on a training course for the day job. The first event was rather successful, so we ran that route again. In 2016 we launched the beach route to Barcelona, in 2017 we launched the UK lakes route and in April this year we took 35 ford Ka's to Lisbon!”

Now we have no idea whether our car will make it from Brighton down to Barcelona this year – but we have been so impressed with the organisation and support we have received already that we’ve only gone and signed up again for next year……

Please do keep checking in with us here on the Events Pages, or follow us on social media, to see how we get on. And if you can spare a penny or two, pop over to our Just Giving Page to help support the wonderful work that the Sussex Snowdrop Trust do for local families.

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