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5 Reasons To Keep Your Software Up To Date

The beginning of July saw an unprecedented panic by Microsoft, with them having to release an emergency patch to address a critical flaw in Windows. Microsoft told everybody (yes, everybody) they needed to update to the latest released version to counteract this security flaw.

As an IT Company we got the message out to our client’s as swiftly as humanly possible – and for the majority of our customers, this update was pretty seamless. The biggest problems occurred for those who had not updated their computers, laptops, systems, and software for quite some time.

Keeping up to date is important for a number of reasons. We’ve complied what we see as the top five reasons to keep your IT systems up to date.

5 Reasons To Keep Your Software Up To Date:

Security: The number one reason for doing those updates as and when requested is for security. Software companies will release ‘patches’ and updates as soon as they are made aware of security problems. Akin to finding a hidden back door, ‘holes’ are often found that could let the unscrupulous into your computers and networks – updating when prompting effectively locks these back doors.

Enhancement: Most good software companies are constantly looking for ways in which to improve the product that they are providing you. Constantly evolving and sharpening the functionality leads you, the end user, to a better software product. Updates can improve performance and make for a smoother experience.

Compatibility: Older operating systems can’t cope with a lot of things – including certain software products. The better internet security suites will only work on systems where everything is up to date. Reputable software companies will be aware of programs needing to be compatible and will release updates to ensure that their product works alongside others.

Costs: OK, we cannot deny that when ‘time is money’ it can seem like you are wasting valuable resources by taking time out to update your systems. But not updating could have far reaching financial implications. Out of date software poses security risks and can slow your entire IT systems down. Keeping everything on the latest versions could save you money in the long-term.

Happiness: Your own frustrations at slow programmes will be negated; your staff will have less to complain to you or your IT department about; your customer’s experience of engaging with you online will be smoother. Yes, those pesky updates could make your life a little less stressful.

With the above in mind, check your systems now and if they need an update set it in motion, grab a cuppa and take five minutes whilst you ensure your systems are all up to date.