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If you use your computer to go online, you need antivirus protection. It doesn’t matter
whether you only check emails once in a while, or just check the news, if you go online you need to a good anti-virus to protect your data and your computer.

So, you know you need an antivirus, but which one do you choose?

Whilst it is tempting to go for a free version, there are solid reasons to opt to pay for a security product that will keep your computer better protected.

Ask the following questions before deciding what is best for you.

Will My Antivirus Cover….?

  • Anti-spyware software and does it include a firewall?
  • Regular updates to keep me up-to-date with the latest security threats?
  • Parental controls to keep the whole family safe?
  • Will it be updated as soon as the latest threats are discovered?
  • Does it cover more than one computer?
  • Does it cover mobile devices as well?
  • Will it clash with other systems on my computer?

Here at Dolphin the software antivirus package we recommend is the one we use
ourselves – BullGuard. We use it because we know it works. But in addition, it has
been awarded ‘best buy’ and ‘best-in-test’ by the leading independent consumer
testing organisations, including the Which Best Buy in the UK, Netherlands,
Denmark, Sweden, Belgium and Germany.

Whether you are a home user or a business, Dolphin can provide you with the best anti-virus solutions available in the UK.