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If you use your computer to go online, you need antivirus protection. It doesn’t matter
whether you only check emails once in a while, or just check the news, if you go online you need to a good anti-virus to protect your data and your computer.

So, you know you need an antivirus, but which one do you choose?

Whilst it is tempting to go for a free version, there are solid reasons to opt to pay for a security product that will keep your computer better protected.

Ask the following questions before deciding what is best for you.

Will My Antivirus Cover….?

  • Anti-spyware software and does it include a firewall?
  • Regular updates to keep me up-to-date with the latest security threats?
  • Parental controls to keep the whole family safe?
  • Will it be updated as soon as the latest threats are discovered?
  • Does it cover more than one computer?
  • Does it cover mobile devices as well?
  • Will it clash with other systems on my computer?

Here at Dolphin the software antivirus package we recommend is the one we use
ourselves – BullGuard. We use it because we know it works. But in addition, it has
been awarded ‘best buy’ and ‘best-in-test’ by the leading independent consumer
testing organisations, including the Which Best Buy in the UK, Netherlands,
Denmark, Sweden, Belgium and Germany.

Dolphin recommend BullGuard anti-virus for home users and smaller businesses, but are now able to offer businesses with over 5 users a new product: Bullguard Small Office Security. Dolphin are one of but a handful of IT companies who have been chosen to roll this out and are confident this provides the next level of security to our business customers. Taking permission control away from individuals and monitoring from a central portal, we are able to spot any problems before the end-users are away there is an issue – and deal with it accordingly. This gives out business customers an extra security level keeping them as protected as humanly possible.

Whether you are a home user or a business, Dolphin can provide you with the best anti-virus solutions available in the UK.