Best Internet Security For Windows 10

What Is The Best Anti-Virus Software For Windows 10?

Last week we shared with you 5 ways in which you could play your part on National Computer Security Day,  and one essential element to staying safe online is to have a decent anti-virus installed.

The problem for a lot of people is which anti-virus is right for their needs? Do you really need to pay out for it or can you stick with the free versions? As with everything in life, you get what you pay for and the free anti-viruses out there are just not adequate enough to keep you protected.

We offer two solutions dependent upon our customers requirements, but for home users we provide an anti-virus that has just been awarded top honours in an AV-Test of antivirus software.

The independent testing was carried out between September and October on machines that were running Windows 10,  and compared 11 different types of security software. The tests included the categorys of protection, performance and useability, and our recommended anti-virus came out with top marks across the board.

We re-sell this software because we know it works - and we know it works because we use it ourselves. This is an anti-virus that is designed to stop all threats from getting through, including all types of ransomware and crypto-mining malware.  It won't slow your computer down and is uncompromisingly easy-to-use.

There are customers of ours who have been kept safe using this product for year upon year and we can install this product for you. Having outperformed MacAfee, AVG, Avast and even Windows own security solutions, can you really do without it?

If you are not already one of our anti-virus customers and want to learn more about staying safe online then please get in touch to see how we can help you to be more secure.



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