Safer Internet Day 2020

This week heralds the return of the annual Safer Internet Day (S.I.D), an opportunity for all of us to take a moment to think about how we use the internet and whether we are doing all we can to protect ourselves, our online presence and our own data.

Promoting the theme of “Together for a better internet”, the UK Safer Internet Centre offers resources for teachers, parents, carers and others with responsibility for the care and welfare of children. The over-riding message of S.I.D is for us as adults to take responsibility for staying safe online and using technology responsibility, and to ensure that our children also remain safe and educated.

All of this is highly commendable and we back Safer Internet Day 100%. What concerns us though as an IT Support company, are the reports published demonstrating that UK companies are being complacent about their own security measures.

There is a culture of “it won’t happen to me”, particularly among small business owners, and with budgets that are already stretched paying out for “unnecessary” security measures is often deemed as a waste of precious resources.

If questioned we all know that if our company were to suffer a security breach it would damage our reputation, our relationship with clients and suppliers, and could be a very costly episode. And yet a recent security survey uncovered that less than half of UK businesses have given any thought to a cyber security policy.

Spreading a message for end users to be more vigilant, educated and responsible on the internet is worthy of a dedicated awareness day – but until the UK’s businesses also accept that securing their own digital systems is as important as any other aspect of health and safety regulations we will all remain at risk of having our data unwittingly exposed.

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