Search Engine King

Bing it”, said no person ever…

Once upon a time, a very long time ago, if you needed to find a service provider you would look in the Yellow Pages. If you wanted to find answers for your homework assignment, you would go to the library. If you were lucky enough to be able to afford it, you may seek knowledge from your bookshelf-filling copies of the Encyclopaedia Britannica.

Now what do we do? We Google it – we are recommended to and recommend others to “Google it”. Google has just celebrated its 20th birthday and has become part of our everyday life and language.

Much as other search engines try, Google is King. The latest Smart Insights report, Search Engine Statistics 2018, reported that Google averaged a net share of 74.54% of all searches in 2017. And to add another nail into the Microsoft search engine coffin, Computerworld’s research reports the continued demise of both Internet Explorer and Edge with their combined market share of 14% becoming a record low for Microsoft.

Total online Google searches last year were estimated to have hit 3.5 billion. If that hasn’t made you a little dizzy, then go check out Internet Live Stats which, as the name would suggest, shows the number of people online, including Google searches today, emails sent today, and new websites created today. Its difficult to take these sorts of numbers in.

What, or who, will ever be in a position to topple Google? Will we ever tell someone to Duck Duck Go? Is the cliché “other search engines are available” now redundant? If history has taught us anything then it is that no one person, nation, or Ideology has remained as supreme leader for all eternity, and whilst we are not in the privileged position to know when there will be a rival to Google we do know that the world of technology is evolving so rapidly there could be a surprise contender already waiting in the wings. But for now, I'm off to Google it.....

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