Data Backups

Data Backups

Business Backup And Permission Based Access:

There is a version of cloud based business backup service that we recommend at Dolphin Computers, specifically for business use, that will provide permission based folder access. This enables you to allow certain users access rights, which are different to others. For details please go to and click on business. We beat all Livedrive’s pricing, so if you like one of these solutions let us know and we can quote on this for you.

It allows you to allocate files to specific company users, which has permission based criteria, enabling you to specify who is able to access what in your company filing structure.

See the website for more details

Complete cloud storage for your business

10TB+ of space for 10+ users

  • Backup all of the PCs in your office
  • Sync documents
  • Create team folders to collaborate on files
  • Store as much data online as you need - comes with 10TB
  • Add users or storage space instantly whenever you need it
  • Extremely easy to use and setup
  • 100% safe and secure

We want to encourage people to store all their documents online, meaning your laptops and desktops become slaves of the cloud. This will minimise data lose. Each user that we create can also have their own private briefcase, meaning everything can be stored on the cloud thus minimising local data loss. Each personal private briefcase cannot be accessed by other users, whilst the team / public area can be assessed as long as the user has permission to do so.

Each setup / user will also give you unlimited backup for all user’s local data to prevent data loss from fire, theft or equipment failure.

This can be installed on multiple machines, so if users use more than one desktop / laptop, then they aren't reliant on one computer. However, the main advantage is all files update immediately no matter which location you are at, meaning everyone sees changes quickly and easily.

It also means you are data compliant, as Livedrive stores the data encrypted on the hard drive in a different way to drop box. It means that for file retention you are not reliant on computers or users as it is all stored in the cloud. Essential for Data Purposes, ISO’s and perhaps the Data Protection you have been looking into.

Livedrive also has an external backup solution, which comes as standard on the commercial product:

Listed below are the main features that Dolphin's Livedrive gives you:

Please note: If you buy direct, they charge per machine and at a higher price. We have bought in bulk to bring you this offer.

  • Unlimited Backup space.
  • Unlimited Machines at your location can backup to the remote server (We sell the license to you, not the computer)
  • Encrypted Offsite Backup to a Secure Data Centre in London - meaning if your home gets broken into to all of your files, pictures and music are recoverable.
  • Checkpoint Backup for 30 days. This means that if you changed a file 2 weeks ago and lost changes within that document you can recover the old data within 30 days.
  • Web Portal Access: So you can access your files securely from any computer.

Please get in touch to learn more about this essential security measure all businesses require .