Structured Network Data Cabling

Structured data cabling provides your business with the infrastructure for all of your technology and communication systems.

As your need to share bigger data files across networks grows, the importance of a cabling infrastructure that provides maximum value and performance becomes paramount in the efficiency of your business.

Structured data cabling provides a physical route for your data to travel through linking together all of the devices in your office. The most commonly used form of cabling remains CAT5e Ethernet cabling and Dolphin have several years’ experience of installing CAT5 cables; these then terminate at RJ45 jacks for each user and with RJ45 patch panels within a specifically designed centrally located cabinet.

Structured Cabling And IT Support

Data cabling is best performed in conjunction with an IT specialist which is why Dolphin gives you a comprehensive solution for your structured cabling requirements. They understand the end result of the data cable installation process and how exactly it will impact your IT and telephone systems.

Dolphin also has extensive experience of hiding your cables utilising various techniques, ensuring that whilst your IT is running at maximum efficiency, your office remains uncluttered and continues to look as professional as you are.

For further information regarding your data cabling requirements, or to arrange a free onsite survey, please call us on our Brighton IT support office 01273 248871 or email us