Office Moves

Office Moves

We’re all aware that moving can be both positive and negative at the same time. It can be a pretty stressful time, you have so many variables to consider, and an office move could call for full project management to enable a smooth transition.

Moving your IT equipment can be the most complex, challenging and riskiest part of any office move. You can’t afford downtime, and how long will it take to shut down, unplug, pack up and relocate all of your business’ technology equipment?

You’ll need an inventory of all your IT equipment before you start (this should be standard practice whether you are moving or not), and you’ll need to plan well in advance for the installation of all cabling, telephones and internet.

You’ll be needing to dismantle and pack your computers, and any servers, your printers, and any photocopiers or scanners – but you’ll also need to be unpacking, setting them up and getting them connected to your network at the other end.

If all of this seems a bit daunting for you, on top of everything else you need to manage when moving offices, the Dolphin can help. Give us a call on our Brighton IT support number, 01273 248871 and we will help make your office IT move as smooth as possible.