Much as we foresaw a paperless future, this has yet to materialise and the majority of businesses still need access to a printer.

For some businesses, their printer will need to be a proper work horse, churning out printed material 7 days a week. All businesses need a printer that will be reliable.

There is a huge range of printer options available to you, so how do you choose the right one? You need to take into account how much you will be printing, and if this will be expected to increase as your business grows. Where will you source and how much are replacement inks? Will your printer be compatible with all the devices that you will need it to be connected to? Will you be able to get it set up on your network?

Dolphin have been advising and supplying businesses with printers, inks, and printer support and repairs for over 10 years and are therefore highly experienced in guiding you through the process to find the right printing solutions for your needs. We are not “tied” to any particular brand, but will advise and source the best printer based upon your individual requirements and are here to provide after-sales support.

For all your printer needs from new printers, replacement inks or printer repairs, please get in touch with us.