No Halloween Joke – RIP Office 2007

Still Using Office 2007?

Microsoft Is No Longer Providing Security Fixes and Updates That Protect Your Computer.

Without these updates, your computers and your business will become more susceptible to attacks, viruses and malicious software that can steal valuable client information. In addition, the Windows 7 platform will also become more difficult to use, with some apps not available at all for your business.

This is no Halloween joke - Microsoft have chosen today, October 31st, as the date when those of you still using Outlook 2007 will no longer be able to connect Office 365 mailboxes, meaning Outlook 2007 clients using Office 365 will not be able to send or receive email.

Microsoft will no longer supply patches for security vulnerabilities or fixes for other bugs, nor will it provide company-assisted technical support, whether free or paid, such as by-phone consultations or trouble-shooting.

What does Microsoft suggest you do?

Upgrade To A More Recent Version Of Office

This is not too dissimilar to when support for Windows XP was withdrawn - the difference here is that this could affect your entire business. Rather than offer you generic help on what steps you should take next, if you would like individual advice on the best solutions for your personal requirements please get in touch with us.

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