Pay As You Go Support (PAYG)

Pay As You Go Support (PAYG)

PAYG (Pay As You Go) support gives you the full functionality of a virtual IT department, utilising Dolphin's IT support and services but you only pay as and when you need help.

Charged upon an hourly basis the PAYG scheme operates between Monday to Friday, 9am – 5pm, excluding Bank Holidays. The Pay As You Go option can be tailored with any of our other schemes to suit your needs on a bespoke basis to suit your individual requirements.

Why Choose PAYG IT Support?

 ☑ Unlimited Telephone Assistance

 ☑ Local On-Site Support with an Experienced Technician

 ☑ One Off Solutions and Ad Hoc Work Undertaken

 ☑ No Commitments to Costly Contracts

 ☑ Support Only as and When You Need It

 ☑ Ideal IT Support Package for Small Businesses


PAYG IT Support Package For Small Business

There are no call out fees* and if your issues can be resolved via Dolphin's remote connection support you will also benefit from a reduced hourly rate. Rates are applicable for either hourly, half day or full day rates, giving you the flexibility to up or downscale your support as and when you require it.

If an issue can only be resolved by a site visit, we’ll send one of our experts to you as soon as possible.

If you need emergency support outside of normal working hours, Dolphin can also provide weekend and 24/7 support**.

*Call out fees may apply for some geographic locations - if you would like personal clarification on this please email
**Additional charges may be incurred for out of hours work