Security Solutions

Dolphin are passionate about security - picking up the pieces after the worst has happened is not something they ever enjoying carrying out.

If you use any form of online device, you need to be secure. If you are a business owner then you are not only responsible for all of your company data but also for the data that you hold on your clients. Data security breaches will happen if you don't take adequate precautions, whether you are a large business, a smaller company, a one-man-band or just using your computer for personal reasons.

Dolphin provide you with the following, comprehensive, security solutions:

Encryption Services                         Virus Removal

Disaster Planning                             Internet Protection

Disaster Recovery                             Spam Filters

Data Archiving                                  Anti-Virus

Data Backups                                    Data Recovery

Computer Security                           Data Transfers

Internet Security                              Hard Drive Recovery

BYOD Security                                  Network Security

Security Reviews                              Security Training

Website Security                              Password Recovery

Website Backups                              IP/CCTV Cameras

Compliance Checks                         Virus Prevention

PAT Testing                                       Health Checks

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