• Security Solutions

    Security Solutions

    If you are a business owner then you are not only repsonsible for all of your company data but also…

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  • Managed IT

    Managed IT

    If you access the internet, you need internet security and protection. Any device that can access the web is vulnerable…

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  • Office Setups

    Office Setups

    A smooth, efficient working environment necessitates all of your technology to run seamlessly in the background and to do what…

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  • IT Repairs

    IT Repairs

    Dolphin have been repairing computers, laptops and other IT equipment since 2004 - and have probably seen it all. Dolphin…

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  • Installations


    Should you need help with any setups or installations of your IT equipment Dolphin are on hand to get it…

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  • Support


    Dolphin's Support Services include comprehensive IT support to both businesses and home users. If you need someone onsite, they will…

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  • Networks


    Dolphin can help you get all of your networks setup and configured correctly whether that be in your business premises…

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  • Business Solutions

    Business Solutions

    Dolphin have evolved and grown to meet the ever changing requirements of technology and the needs of their clients. From…

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  • Digital Marketing

    Digital Marketing

    If you need help getting your business in front of your target market online then please get in touch to…

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