Why Is My Printer Not Working?

5 Reasons Your Printer Isn’t Working:

Your printer can run reliably for many years and thousands of prints, but it can also malfunction or stop working entirely. The reason could be as simple as over or under use or it could be something else. What is for sure is that when your printer decides it’s not going to do what you ask it to do, it will usually be at the moment when you need it the most leaving you exasperated as to why it won’t work.

So why is your printer not working?

5 Reasons Why Your Printer Isn’t Working:

Your Starting Point: Is your printer trying to alert you to an issue such as it has run out of paper? And, whilst we don’t wish to sound condescending, are you sure it is actually plugged in? If there are no obvious reasons such as these, then read on to see if we can uncover your printer’s attitude problem.

My Ink Keeps Running Out: If you are printing a sea of paper on a regular basis you would expect to go through a lot of ink. But if you only use your printer occasionally you would hope your cartridges last a while, although they can dry out. Inks can be expensive, something you need to take into consideration before buying a new printer, but generally speaking if you buy the inks that the manufacturer recommends for your type of printer they will last longer.

Paper Jam – Again!: As tempting as it is to try and rip the offending piece of mangled paper from the jaws of your printer, we don’t advise that you do. Whilst you probably won’t want the expense of calling out an engineer to free your paper, if you damage your printer whilst trying to get the offending sheet out you may waver any warranty on it. Check the manufacturers websites to see if they have any specific tips. If you are using old paper be aware that it absorbs moisture, which makes it stick, and it might be worth trying thinner paper: most home printers will only handle photo paper at a maximum. They can't usually print on card as it's too stiff to be fed around corners.

I Can’t Print From My iPad: You come across a great recipe whilst browsing your iPad and it gives you the option to print – but when your click “print page” nothing happens. Depending on the device that you have, you will need to ensure it is set up fully before you can print, be it iPad, Samsung tablet or Android phone. It would be great if we opened the box and our new, shiny device just did what we expected of it, but all technology needs to be set-up first.

I Can't Print My Photos: The easiest way to print your photos is to right-click on them and click Print. In Windows Explorer this will then give you the options of how large you want to print your image. Similar on a Mac, select the image you want to use, then select File, Print, and you will get a series of options. If you are wanting a higher quality print out (and your printer allows!), change your usual paper to photographic paper.

And as a bonus thought - are you sure your children or pets haven't somehow been involved?


These are some of the most common problems experienced with printers, but by no means and exhaustive list. As with all things technology, troubleshooting the issue is half the battle, so if you don’t see your problem listed here by all means get in touch with us to see if we can help.

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