Remote Support

Remote Support

Get Expert Computer Help Without Moving From Your Desk:

Dolphin Computers offers you remote computer repair and online PC support by providing you with an experienced technician to securely access your computer.

Why Use Dolphin's Remote Computer Support?

It’s Quick: You don’t need to wait around for an engineer to come and visit, nor to lug your equipment into a store. Your technician can access your computer whilst you sit back and have a cuppa.

It’s Cheaper: Our remote computer support rates are less than onsite visits – for repairs and other issues that can be carried out online remote support becomes a more cost effective solution for you.

It’s Universal: As long as you have an internet and telephone connection then we can help you remotely. We have customers who regularly travel abroad and throughout the UK and so long as they can get a decent internet connection we have been able to remotely assist them wherever they are.

Please see our video below outlining 10 reasons why remote computer support may be the answer for your computer problems.