10 Best Alternative Christmas Jumpers 2017

We were aiming to bring you the 10 Best Tech Related Christmas Jumpers - but upon researching this post we came across Christmas sweaters that we felt just had to be shared - and the category "tech" became too tenous. Then we considered the categories "Best Geek Christmas Jumpers" and "Best Nerd Christmas Jumpers" but not everybody is happy with these labels. So we've stuck with an alternative Christmas that we very much hope you find amusing enough to help raise your festive cheer.

10 Best Alternative Festive Jumpers

Super Mario: "It's-a me, Mario! Life is a game, kid! It all depends on how you play!" It may look like one of those ironic ugly Christmas jumpers but for any Nintendo fan, this is the one. And if you do get flack for wearing it just come back with; "I wish Luigi were here, I could blame him!"


May The Droids Be With You: If "your focus determines your reality" and you're looking to embrace the festive spirit, then "May You Find The Droids You Were Looking For" should meet the requirements for your Star Wars themed Christmas Jumper. As an added bonus for making the alternative list, a yellow Christmas jumper?


Jumper Not Found: Personal choice here as I do love a website with a particularly witty 404 page. Right on the fringes of alternative with this one as it is in the realms of jargonese - having said that, most people will have come across a 404 page at some stage of their online searches.


Dr Who: Daleks may seemingly be the antithesis of Christmas cheer, but we couldn't include a top 10 of Christmas jumpers without a nod to Dr Who - and what better way than to combine the traditional snowman image with that of a Dalek? (Answers on a postcard...) And if your choice is questioned may we suggest that you point towards the nearest Christmas party and in a staccato voice exclaim: "You will move ahead of us and follow my directions. This way. Immediately."


Chestnuts Roasting? OK, so the original purpose of the jumper was to keep us warm. And how Christmassy is it to gather around an open fire? So surely the quintessential Christmas jumper can combine both? Ta Dah! A Christmas jumper with an open fire.


(Not So) Silent Night? Whilst we like to envisage that Christmas is a time of peace and harmony, getting holed up for an extended period with the relatives can cause friction. Embracing the reality that a lot of us don't enjoy spending time with everybody over the holidays, this Christmas sweater celebrates the clash between two captains of the Capcom crusade, with a hint of festive frivolity just so we all remember that it's Christmas.



Do Not Feed After Midnight: Quite apart from the fact that if you're up this late and eating then Father Christmas will give you a miss, this Christmas Jumper reiterates the importance of getting a good night's rest and maintaining a balanced diet at all times of the year.



It's Not Who I Am Underneath, But The Jumper That Defines Me: How could we not include Batman? He has taken on a plethora of personas over the years and we all have our favourites (showing my age, I still think Adam West is Batman....) but this particular sweater should please any Bat fan



Hey Yule Guys! Out of all the research carried out for this post (yes, research - therefore OK to spend hours searching the internet for Christmas jumpers on work time....) this particular alternative Christmas jumper appealed to us the most. Silly and niche, this is top of our Christmas Jumper wish list.



We’re Outta Time: "What the hell is a Christmas Jumper?" Did they have Christmas jumpers in 1955? We don't have a DeLorean so we're unable to verify, but we do know that we couldn't complete our top ten list without going Back To The Future.



And finally, at the risk of sounding all bah-humbug, we have to add a disclaimer: we have compiled this blog as a bit of festive fun – we have not purchased any of the above items and are not endorsing any of the products included ourselves.  Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas.

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