WhatsApp Images On My Phone

The monumental rise of mobile phone ownership has seen us use telephones less for talking and more for taking, and sharing, photographs. We’ve struggled to find out how many photos the “average” person has stored on their phone these days, (last report we found related to a survey back in 2017 that put the figure at 630 photos) but we know it’s likely to be a lot.

How many photos you can save on your phone will depend in large upon what phone you have. Typically mobiles range from 8GB to a whopping 512GB, and this relates to how much storage space you will have. GiffGaff reckon that 1GB of storage space will allow you roughly 200 images.

Personally, I have "only" 700 images on my phone because I recently had a clean out, but of these there are nearly 180 that I haven’t taken myself. So where have they come from?

Your phone will automatically save any images sent to you via WhatsApp – unless you change your settings. Now if you’re lucky enough to be in the 256GB to 512GB range of phones all those WhatsApp images won’t necessarily drag you down – except they may also not be images you particularly want on your phone. If you’re on the lower end of the spectrum those images could be more than a nuisance and be robbing you of valuable storage space. So how do you stop your phone saving all those silly memes and GIF’s your WhatsApp groups keep uploading?

How To stop WhatsApp saving photos on my phone


How to stop WhatsApp saving images on your Android
  • Go into WhatsApp and, in the top-left corner, you should see three stacked dots.
  • Click this and you will see the Settings option.
  • From here choose the Chats option, which you should click into
  • Look for the option to turn on or off “media visibility”. By turning this off you will stop WhatsApp automatically saving photos, videos and GIFs to your Android phone.


How to stop WhatsApp saving images on your iPhone
  • Go into your WhatsApp on your iPhone and in the bottom-right corner of your screen, you should see a Settings icon. This looks like a gear or cog symbol.
  • Click into Settings, then choose the Chats button.
  • Here you should then see an option to switch on or off  the “save to camera roll” setting. To stop WhatsApp automatically saving photos, videos and GIFs to your iPhone’s camera roll turn this option off.

Should you regret not having those WhatsApp pics to hand on your phone anymore you can simply reverse the process and any new images will be saved once more.

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