Ransomware – What You Need To Know

Ransomware attacks aren’t going away anytime soon. It is reported that having increased three-fold in 2015 to 1000 attacks a day we’re now up to 4000 attacks a day, and the numbers keep rising.

What Is Ransomware?

This is a form of malicious software that you inadvertently allow access to your computer. Once it’s gained entry, it will encrypt all of your files making it impossible for you to access anything. You will get a pop up message demanding payment to unencrypt your files, and a message saying that if you fail to do so your data will be destroyed forever.

Pretty nasty stuff.

So how do you protect yourself?

Whilst there is no 100% full proof protection, we've recommend four ways that you can help yourself.

4 Ways To Protect Yourself From Ransomware

UPDATES: Do them - updates address software vulnerabilities and help maintain security against hackers. Yes, they’re a pain, and yes, they always come at the wrong moment, but they are there to help keep you safe.

ANTI VIRUS: Unfortunately, no anti-virus gives 100% protection due to the fact that they can be overridden by you. A good anti-virus will ask if you are sure you want to open something that if feels is not right – we advise that you listen to your anti-virus as the best ones on the market keep pace with known vulnerabilities.

BACKUP DATA: All of it – and regularly. We advise using a variety of backups, including automated cloud storage (you don’t need to remember to backup) and external backups – storing your data on an external hard drive. This way, even if you do succumb, you will be able to access all your files.

NEVER PAY: There is no guarantee that your data will be released back to you. If they’re unscrupulous enough to do this kind of crime, they’ll be unscrupulous enough to take your money and leave you in the lurch. By paying, victims are also fuelling these crooks, enabling them to continue their extortion and hitting other victims using even more malicious ingenuity.

If you do fall foul of ransomware please give us a call as we have extensive experience of helping both home users and businesses who have been hacked. In addition, if you would like to know more about our comprehensive security solutions including our recommendations for backup systems, anti-virus and maintaining network security, either call or email us at help@dolphinupgrades.com

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