Important Software Update

Why You Need To Update Now

Having a reliable, secure backup procedure in place is essential for anybody who stores information on any device. Your home PC probably has documents and emails that you will want to keep; your smart phone may have hundreds of precious photos and your work computers? Well, goes without saying that you need to a backup for all business documents.

We use LiveDrive ourselves and because we trust it we also resell it. We have already directly informed our own clients of this vital news regarding LiveDrive, but if you haven't already updated your online backup system please read on.

Important Information Regarding LiveDrive

LiveDrive views security as supremely important and continually improve their systems to ensure your files are secure. As part of this, some time ago they updated their desktop software to use TLS 1.2, the latest technology for secure data transfer.

If you are running a very old, less secure version of the Livedrive desktop software it is important that you update to the latest version as soon as possible.

Don't Risk Losing The Ability To Run Or Backup LiveDrive
Deadline Day 27th November 2017

If you have not updated your software to the latest version by 27th November 2017, then your software will no longer run or backup. You will continue to see a Livedrive update notification on your computer every time you turn it on which you will simply need to accept to update your software.

To find out more about this and for instructions on how to upgrade your software, please click the link below.


If you experience any further difficulties or require any more information about this or backups in general, please get in touch with us:

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