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5 Reasons For Data Loss

March heralds two auspicious dates - Mother's Day and World Backup Day; and this year they fall on the same day. For those celebrating with their mum, it’s likely you’ll save the memories of the day by taking a few pictures. Once shared via email or social media, what becomes of those important images? The…
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Why Did My Computer Die?

Computer’s fail and 9 times out of 10 that failure will happen at the worst time. Need to write that report, print that document, check something urgently online? Yes, that's when your computer will die. How do they know? We can’t answer that, but we can offer 5 reasons why they stop working. Five Reasons…
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Should I Backup My Computer?

As you would expect, all of our computers here at Dolphin are backed up regularly and automatically. One of the most difficult things we ever have to say to customers is that, "we couldn't retrieve any of your data I'm afraid". When did you last backup your data? From customers who have lost important work…
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