Dolphin's marketing Director, Lorelei, led a session for business owners aimed at helping them understand which social media site was the best to use for promoting their business, a session that proved very popular and generated excellent feedback from all who attended!

It was clear that Lorelei was passionate about the effective use of social media and able to convey the benefits of the various different options in a clear and straightforward manner to people from a variety of businesses and backgrounds.

The advice shared in this short, lunchtime learning session looks to have spurned everybody into making more of the online tools available to them to grow their businesses with many attendees expressing an interest in more detailed sessions.

We look forward to working with Lorelei again and would have no hesitation in recommending her and her expertise to any business owners or individuals looking to get more out of social media.

Stuart Lambert , Passionate about helping brands use data and automation to create personalised, relevant, and timely interactions