I thought that I had lost a load of data after a NAS drive of mine crashed and burned. A local company who I use in Eastbourne and whose services I have used in the past for things IT related were not able to help on this occasion, however they did point me in the direction of Dolphin Computers in Hove. Following a phone call to them and speaking to Gary who I found professional and amenable I decided to drive over and drop the NAS off. I received a call within a week or so and I was advised that they would be able to recover the data (file names had disappeared however there was something to work with ). I proceeded to make a plan to get them a portable HDD and we agreed a price for the work. I have now received the recovered data and I am exceptionally impressed with how they have managed and sorted the recovered data into file types and created a file structure for both NAS Drives . I was not expecting this level of detail. As an IT professional myself who works for a Multinational hybrid IT solutions company I am impressed, as a Joe Blogs home user I am impressed with the level of professionalism, attention detail and customer service. Highly recommended. Great job guys and wishing you every continued success.

-Wil Wardle

Wil Wardle , Professional Photographer