How to Set Up Your New Laptop Like a Pro Wouldn’t it be great if you could remove your new laptop from its packaging, switch it on and ‘ta-dah!’ it just worked. Unfortunately, unless you have asked

On 24 May 2023 Barracuda Networks published a report that highlighted the lucrative return rate for cybercriminals of using spear phishing. These attacks make up just 0.1% of all email-based attacks but are responsible for two-thirds of

Why aren't small businesses taking cyber security seriously? Running a business involves so much more than the product or service that you are selling. One priority is ensuring that all the data you hold on your customers,

Why Should You Call For Help? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could solve our own problems? Especially when it comes to our technology playing up. If only you could just turn it off, unplug it, switch

What is the difference between a POP mailbox and Exchange? When deciding upon the best email for your business you want to make the right choice from the outset to avoid trouble further down the line. So

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Is Microsoft 365 Right for Your Business? Microsoft 365 is a cloud-based suite of productivity apps, services, and solutions that helps your business connect and collaborate easily. It includes the familiar Office apps, plus tools for teamwork,

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The five main steps to creating a Cybersecurity Risk Assessment for your business: Review Identify Analyse Evaluate Record "A cybersecurity risk assessment is a process of identifying, assessing, and prioritising risks to an organisation's information and information

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When referencing the term ‘data’ here, we are referring to anything that you have stored on your computer. This can include documents, photos, videos, music, and other types of files that are important to you. Data recovery

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Have you questioned whether you really need to backup your computer or laptop? If you have, please read on for the reasons that we advise every single one of our customers to backup their computers. Protection against

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Once upon a time, not so long ago,........there were predications that we would all become paperless and the need for the printer would be gone. Going by the amount of enquiries we get for new printers and