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Can We Guess Your Password?

The first Thursday in May marks World Password Day - yes, this is a thing - and it's there to help remind us all of the continued importance of online safety. Security breaches are never welcome, but in an effort to find something positive about hacked details being published online we can use the information…
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How To Spot Fake News

Whilst there are news stories that you just know aren’t for real (Cow spotted on the moon!) there are many more that can catch people out. Knowing how to spot fake news is sometimes not as simple as "cows roaming the moon", so are there any ways we can tell for sure if it’s a…
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SOS – Get a PC Health Check

As we reach the end of the second week of the New Year, how are your 2019 resolutions coming along? A new year is the ideal opportunity for a great many people to embrace a fresh start, be that a new career, a healthier lifestyle or giving up the things we know are bad for…
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