Damaged Laptop

Damaged Computer?

Damage to a laptop or a computer can cause data loss.

Hard Drive Failure

Drive Failures

Hard drives fail - sometimes unexpectedly and without any warning.

Unexpected Updates

Unplanned Updates

Computers and laptops can lose data during updates.

Systems Crashed

Sudden Crashes

Laptops and computers crash and fail, sometimes without any prior warning.


Capturing Data

from a variety of devices

Dolphin have been recovering seemingly lost data for their clients since 2004. If you think you may have lost everything, get in touch to see if we can retrieve it.

Laptop Failure
Lost everything on your laptop? Let us assess it for you and see what we can find.
Computer Failure?
Data may still be available for our specialist data recovery teams to salvage.
Data Retrieval Services

Data Recovery From All Devices


Laptop failures or damage, let us retrieve your data

Laptop Failures

Data retrieval on all makes and models of laptops

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Computer failure or damage resulting in loss of data?

Computer Failure

Data retrieval from all types of desktop computers including servers.

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External Drive

No need to bring the whole device to us - an exteranl hard drive can be looked at.

Hard Drive

Data retrieval from external hard drives from all types of computers.

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Mobile Phone

Mobile phone failures and damage resulting in loss of data.

Smart Phone

Data retrieval from all types of mobile and smart telephones.

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Tablets, iPads, all mobile hand-held devices looked at for data recovery.

iPads and Tablets

Data retrieval from all types of tablets and mobile computers.

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SD Cards

Discover what data there is on an SD or other memory card

Memory Card

Recovery data currently unavailble on your SD | memory card

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How It Works

The Data Recovery Process


Send us an email

Email us and let us know what device you need data recovered from and a brief description of the fault


Our Assessment

We will arrange to look at your device and carry out an intial assessment to see what data there may be availble.


Data Recovery

Having reported back to you, you decide if you want us to proceed with full recovery based upon assesment costs.

support@dolphinupgrades.comIf you need your data recovered please email us


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