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Dolphin March 3, 2023 0 Comments

As much as the world of AI (Artificial Intelligence) has come on recently, if we’re being completely frank, my computer doesn’t ‘hate’ anything. It remains a piece of machinery, an inanimate object devoid of actual feelings. However, should it be capable of emotions, these are 5 things it would hate.

Five Things All Computers Hate

Liquid: we all know that electronics and liquid do not mix, and yet the majority of us are ‘guilty’ of having a cuppa (or sometimes something a little bit stronger….) whilst working at our computer or laptop. But a sure fire way of frying your computer is to spill any form of liquid on it. You have been warned….

Food: Setting aside soup, which follows on from above, we saw a social media update recently where someone had destroyed their laptop screen by inadvertently closing it – after dropping a grain of wholemeal rice on the keyboard, and, unnoticed, then shutting the lid. As it had hardened, and the laptop was closed, it was enough to blow the screen. Food can also get into your keyboard and stop the keys from working.

Heat: Especially for your laptop, that you may use in more relaxed settings than sat at a desk. A laptop resting on a cushion, or propped up on your duvet as you snuggle in bed can overheat very quickly. As can any computer (phones and tablets are included here) that are left in direct sunlight, or right next to another heat source.

Viruses: Whilst we’ve identified that our computers are inanimate objects, what they do have in common with us is they hate viruses. Much as we humans can be knocked for six by an infection, so too can computers. A virus, if serious enough, could leave your computer inoperable, so taking all necessary precautions is always worth your while.

Neglect: Leaving your computer untouched for a long while could lead to difficulties, so even if you don’t need to, turn it on and have a quick check every now and again. In addition, any updates that are needed, please get them done. In the same way as your vehicle needs attention to maintain performance, so does your IT equipment.

Paying attention to the basic ‘needs’ of your computer will help it run as efficiently as you want and need it to.