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Dolphin February 3, 2023 0 Comments

What is the first thing you do when you begin your workday? We would hazard a guess that it would be to check your emails. Indeed, for some people the first thing they do when they wake up is to reach for their phone and check their emails.

The largest area of IT support requests that we get are to do with business emails – and over the past few months we have assisted a variety of companies change their email provider, which is no ‘just switch it’ job; and it has highlighted just how reliant business is on email.

A quick Google search, ‘how many business emails are sent each day’ provided the answer of 347.3 billion. Yes, Billion. Almost 350 billion emails are sent every day.

Now we’re not sure how many emails you send, receive, or read every day, likelihood even if you’re really, really busy it’ll be less than a billion, but you sure would miss it if you couldn’t access it. We know this for a ‘fact’ based upon the ‘views’ of clients who have no business email access.

So, do you have any provision for worst-case scenario? Do you have a backup of your emails, of your contacts? If you lost access to them, do you have a plan of action?

If we are so reliant upon email, then we need to ensure we have a solution should we not be able to use this form of communication. They need to be backed up, and they need to have a whole, dedicated section in your business disaster recovery planning.