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Dolphin December 8, 2022 0 Comments

Who wins the Xbox V PlayStation Christmas Jumper Wars?

If you search Google for ‘Xbox V PlayStation’ you’ll find a wealth of blog posts from those in the know who have put the two games consoles through their paces to determine which is better. There are good ‘reasons’ behind their findings too.

Wired sums it up in their comparative analysis with: “The Winner: Everyone and No One

Or Business Insider: “…. both systems offer awesome exclusives and an impressive upgrade over the last generation of consoles.

Die hard (like the ‘Christmas’ film reference?) Xbox fans love Xboxes. PlayStation aficionados will stick with their PlayStation.

But who wins the Xbox V PlayStation Christmas Jumper Wars?

One website – we looked at one website for this research – but my goodness do they have some stunning, quality Christmas Jumpers!


PlayStation Christmas

XBOX Achievement

PlayStation Symbols

XBOX Ready To Play?

Using this as our sole resource, with three Xbox jumpers to just two PlayStation Jumpers, we crown Xbox as the Christmas jumper winner.

Disclaimer No 1: We have zero affiliation with Numskull – not earning anything from mentioning them – last we checked, Dolphin were not/are not considered ‘influencers’. We just searched Google, found this site, and liked what we saw.

Disclaimer No 2: Other games consoles are available……