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Christmas jumpers for the IT dept
Dolphin December 3, 2021 0 Comments

What Christmas Jumper would the lads and lasses from the IT department turn up wearing on Christmas Jumper Day, or to the Christmas office party?

To avoid being accused of stereotyping IT departments, we asked team Dolphin to chose their favourites from a selection that we (unscientifically) chose by browsing the internet. The results are as below.

The Top 10 Christmas Jumpers For The IT Department of 2021.


Very much of the moment with the latest movie, No Way Home, being released imminently in the UK, this Spiderman Christmas jumper may not win the hearts of the arachnophobes.


With us hoping Covid won’t ruin the family gatherings this Christmas, there are swathes of people hoping they do get to go home this time around.


Now, there was a bit of a debate over whether Batman would actually celebrate Christmas, but lets face it – Gotham City could do with some festive lights.


This contender for the IT department Christmas jumper is the least likely to feature in an ugly festive sweater list.


Perhaps a clue as to which employees are not too fond of the staff Christmas party; may well be found using some form of online comms to ask Scotty for an exit pass.


Some people need a bit of persuading to get into the festive mood – be that agreeing to turn Mariah Carey off, or the imbibing of moderate amounts of alcohol, the Christmas Spirit must be found.


See what we did there? Acknowledging that whilst in lesser numbers, there are women who help keep IT departments alive and well – and we salute you all for playing your part.


Retro gaming fans may turn up in resplendent purple for the Christmas gathering. If you are one of the minority who has never played PacMan give it a try – it’s both as fun and infuriating as your average office party.


New in this year – we hadn’t come across this contender before and WOW! It’ll help anyone stand out from the crowd.


And finally, no IT department gathering would be complete without Bill making an appearance. We’re not biased against Steve, we just failed in finding an Apple Sweater…..

How about you – what will YOU be donning on Christmas Jumper Day 2021? We’d love to see your images, so pop over to Twitter or Instagram and tag us with your festive pullovers.