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Cyber Secure

for Businesses Small & Large

Helping to keep your business

Cyber Secure

for Businesses Large & Small

Is Your Business Secure?

Business Security

How confident are you that you have the best security procedures in place?

Are All Your Staff Secure?

Staff Security

Are your staff fully secured working in the office, onsite, or from home?

Are Your Devices Secure?

Every Device?

Have you secured every single device that access your business data? Every. Single. One.

Are You Sure You're Cyber Secure?

Are you confident?

Are you sure that your IT has the most robust security measures in place?

Cyber Secure

Is your business secure?

Are You Sure? Confident?

Take a moment, picture yourself at your desk, going through your phone contacts, having to call all your customers, all of your suppliers, all of your partners, to tell them your systems have been hacked and all of their details have been taken and are now freely available online for all to see.

This is not just the stuff of nightmares – this could be reality if you haven’t enabled cyber security procedures across every single device you and your employees use – yes, even those working from home. And definitely contractors and freelancers.

With the forced relocation of thousands of employees to working from home the need to share business critical information, on cloud services including Remote Desktop Protocols (RDP), Virtual Private Networks (VPN) and application suites like Microsoft Office 365 or Google Workspace also rose exponentially.

“Cybersecurity researchers have discovered hundreds of thousands of insecure severs, ports and cloud services being used by remote workers that could be easily exploited by cyber attackers.”

Cyber Security

Has your security kept up?

The hackers have – they are acutely aware of the security holes business have created and are actively exploiting businesses who don’t have adequate safety procedures implemented. WEIGH THIS UP.


The ICO is capable of issuing companies with a fine equaling 4% of their annual turnover.


The cost to your company from the lost revenue caused by the inevitable downtime.

Lost Data

The consequences of the potential of losing all your data – absolutely everything.


The chance your cyber insurance won’t pay out because you weren’t deemed secure enough.


The humiliation of telling your customers, suppliers, partners you were not covered in the first place.


How easy it is to give Dolphin a call and get them to help you to secure your business.


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To Become Cyber Secure

Dolphin have helped companies from a wide market sector, ranging from one-office businesses through to multi-site companies achieve Cyber Security Accreditation and have the expertise and resources to ensure that your business is recognised by the UK Government scheme as being Cyber Secure.