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Office cyber security meeting
Dolphin March 18, 2022 0 Comments

Is your business thinking about cyber security?

Running a business involves addressing a lot of different aspects for a lot of your time – even if you are not physically the chief cook and bottle washer, you are still responsible for those who do carry out those roles. As well as being responsible for your staff and to your company for the everyday operations, you are also responsible for your security – your data and that of your staff, customers, suppliers and partners.

Are you cyber secure?

Who is in charge of IT within your company? Who knows what security procedures you have in place? How would you deal with being hacked?

The dichotomy of IT  – on the one hand you need it to work smoothly in order to run your business; But on the other hand, you don’t want to have to think about it. You get to your workplace, you access your files, your company info, the internet, your emails – it just has to be there and work as and when you need it to.

Whilst we don’t want to waste valuable resources on IT, without it we cannot function.

When was the last time that you checked to see if your backup procedures were working? If you open up your laptop tomorrow morning and find all of your data has been encrypted by ransomware could you restore it from your last backup? Or was the last time that your backups worked so far back in time you have lost months, if not years worth of work? And those backups, could they be hacked? Are they secure?

What internet security do you have? Could your staff accidently click a link from an email, download a rogue app, install fake software? If they did, do they know what to do, or will the virus have the opportunity to fully infiltrate your entire network?

Are you aware of the security threats? Of how your business is protected? Or will you check after you have a failure. Between 60/70% of businesses lose everything after a failure simply because they haven’t prioritised cyber security.

Will your business survive being hacked?  If you lost access to everything you have on your computer, can you still operate? If your all of your data is encrypted, unaccessible, held to ransom, can you still trade? Will you ride out the storm of the negative PR as not only your data but that of your customers has been compromised?

Way up how long it would take you to get your company cyber secure verses your company going down.

Cyber Security is the responsibility of every business.