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Which is better, desktop or laptop
Dolphin March 10, 2023 0 Comments

Many of our regular customers prefer to buy their new computers through us as we tailor the machines to their exacting requirements. One of the questions we get asked by home computer users quite a bit is which is better? A desktop or a laptop?

The answer depends upon what you, the computer user, will want from your computer, and what you will need to use it for.

Here are the top five considerations you need to make to ensure you buy the right computer for your personal requirements.

Desktop or Laptop – Which is better?

  • Portability: If you need to move around frequently, a laptop is the better choice. Laptops are lightweight and can be easily carried around, while desktops are bulky and not designed for portability.
  • Power: Desktops tend to be more powerful than laptops, as they have more space for larger components such as graphics cards and processors. If you need a high-performance computer for gaming or video editing, a desktop may be the better choice.
  • Upgradability: Desktops are easier to upgrade than laptops. It is simpler to swap out components like the graphics card, RAM and hard drive in a desktop, whilst laptops have more limitations in what can be upgraded.
  • Price: Desktops are usually less expensive than laptops for the same level of performance. If you are on a tight budget, a desktop may be the better option.
  • Display: Laptops have built in displays whilst desktops require a separate monitor. If you need a large screen for work or gaming, a desktop may be a better choice.

    To summarise, if you are after portability and convenience, a laptop is the better choice. If you need high-performance, upgradability, and a larger screen, then you’d be better off choosing a desktop.