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Holiday checklist for your IT
Dolphin August 5, 2022 0 Comments

Have you remembered your IT on your holiday checklist?

Passports? ✔️ Tickets? ✔️ Sunscreen? ✔️ Computer Security? Wait, what?

Thinking about our computers and other electronic equipment may not be top of our list when it comes to holiday planning, but they should still have a place on your checklist. We’ve put together our top tips for holiday security when it comes to laptops, tablets and phones.

5 Tips For Travel IT Security

Updates: Make sure that whatever you are planning on taking with you has all the updates installed – it is far better to use your trusty home Wi-Fi for these than risk it taking forever on an unknown connection and potentially using up all your data solely in updates.

Backups: Ensure all the data that you have on your devices, such as precious photos, contacts and documents, are all safely backed up before you step out of the door. Losing your phone on holiday will be bad enough, but if it also has the only copies of all your photos you will be heart broken.

Insurance: You’ve made sure your suitcases are covered, but how about your electronic devices? If you get pick-pocketed will your travel insurance cover your laptop, tablet, phones? And remember not to leave any valuables out and unattended in your hotel room if you go out without them.

Wi-Fi: Public Wi-Fi certainly isn’t secure, and we can’t guarantee that your hotel Wi-Fi will be secure either. Think about what you are accessing and if you do need to login into something containing sensitive information consider using a VPN (Virtual Private Network).

Anti-Virus: Make sure that you have this installed on all your devices and that it can protect you against a variety of threats including malware. Once safely back home, you could also run an anti-virus scan just to make sure you didn’t pick up more than just a tummy bug whilst away.

Taking an extra five minutes to double check that your technology is also ready for your holiday could save you trouble in the long run.