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This is how a blog can lead to sales.
Dolphin November 18, 2022 0 Comments

If you have a blog on your website, it can help your business come up for online search queries. This should be enough to encourage companies to add a business blog to their marketing portfolio, but some need more persuasion than this simplistic statement alone.

If you are one of those sceptics, asking, “Do I really need to write a blog for my business?”, here’s a real-life case study from an online researcher who became an online shopper as a direct reaction to a company blog post….

We have a cat – she is getting on a bit now, 15 to be precise; and recently her appetite has increased significantly. So, I went online to see if I could find out why an elderly cat may have become hungrier. There were plenty of sites professing to answer my query, with one blog specifically explaining reasons for older felines wanting to be fed more often.

This blog was well written, easy to read, and accompanied by relevant images. There were links within the article to further information, such as feeding guides and the best food for elderly cats. This blog was on the website of a large, fairly well-known pet food company. Their wealth of knowledge, shared in an easy to digest (excuse the terminology) format encouraged me go on to buy the appropriate food for my senior pet.

This is how a business blog can lead to sales.

Having a blog on your website is not, in itself, enough to help you increase sales. However, a blog that is well written, regularly updated, has relevant links and answers your customers problems – now you’re on the road to increasing your readers, your SEO, and your sales.