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Tips on getting your blog shared
Dolphin January 21, 2022 0 Comments

You know you should be blogging for your business, so that’s what you do. But all that time and effort you put in is worthless if your blog never gets read by anyone other than you and your mum. So how do you go about getting your blog shared by others?

For my work, I need to spend a lot of time online. An awful lot. Every day I scour the web for great blog posts that I can share. And as I manage a very diverse range of business client’s social media accounts, I am looking for a very diverse range of subjects. But whatever the subject matter, there are certain criteria that need to be met to ensure that yours is the blog post that will be shared.

10 Tips On How To Get Your Blog Post Shared

1. Content: How easy is it to read your blog? Or perhaps more importantly, how enjoyable is it? If the content that you have produced is drier than the Atacama Desert, nobody is going to inflict it upon others by sharing it.

2. Jargon: Are you proving how knowledgeable you are in your own field by spattering your post with technical terminology? Whilst ‘jargon’ has its place in SEO, please reference point one – if it makes it unreadable, you’ll not get the blog shared.

3. Spelling: You may have written a fantastic blog, full of great content, but if it is also full of spelling and/or grammatical errors I can’t share it – it will reflect badly on myself and on my clients.

4. Images: Images really do make a difference. If you haven’t included an image I won’t share your post on Facebook, LinkedIn or Pinterest. And it needs to be relevant to the article – little point in adding a tropical sandy beach photo on an article about motherboard failures.

5. Time: If your web pages don’t load quick enough, I’ll be off before I’ve even seen what your post is about. Simple as that.

6. Format: You don’t have to stick with text – can you get your message across in video or as a podcast as well? Videos can be shared on YouTube and other platforms, and podcasts aid accessibility.

7. Links: If you don’t put any effort into encouraging people to read your post, then they won’t bother. You’ve taken the time to write the darn thing, don’t now cut corners on sharing it. Give me a reason to click your link. Entice me. Lure me in. Writing, “Read My Blog Post!” is not going to do the trick.

8. Relevance: All your content needs to be relevant to the line of work that you are in. Whilst there is room for creativity, see tip number 6, there is little point in writing a series of blogs about baking bread rolls if you run an M.O.T center.

9: Collaboration: LinkedIn positively encourages you to get your employees on board and share your posts, and this is one way to ensure more eyes on the page. Posts can be shared by people in your company on Facebook and Twitter as well, or commented on, or liked. The more interaction, the more your blog will spread.

10: Influence: there is a good reason you will pay top dollar for a good PR professional – if you can get your blog referenced in a national (or even better – international) publication, or talked about by a celebrity, you’ll have folks flocking to your site. But you don’t have to break the bank; start by checking out #journorequest on Twitter, to see if anyone is actively looking for articles you are already producing.

The need for relevant, fresh, useful content is essential for any successful marketing campaign. Improve the chances of it being your company blog post that gets shared by following our blogging tips.