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Dolphin June 17, 2022 0 Comments

One Thing To Change Now To Improve Your Online Branding.

If there was something that you could do right now that would improve your online branding, you’d do it wouldn’t you?

Well there is – and it is very simple.

Unlink Your Accounts.

I know, you’ve been told it’s a good idea to connect your Facebook business page to your Instagram account; and you just don’t have the time to upload a different status report on LinkedIn and Twitter, but….

Linking your social media accounts will save you time; it will also lose you followers, friends, fans and customers.


Nobody would write an article for Men’s Health which they also expected to be published in Woman’s Weekly and The Beano – and the same applies to replicating an update on all social media platforms. Your audience on LinkedIn is different to “friends” on Facebook or your followers on Twitter.

Whilst sharing the same update across all platforms appears to be a good plan it also leaves you partially deaf. I have tried this (in a very unscientific fashion it has to be said) myself – an update appeared on my Twitter timeline that had originally been posted by the company on their Facebook page, then automatically shared on their other social platforms. Because they have linked their accounts, they don’t bother going over to to monitor it – I reply to the Tweet asking a relevant question. And the response? Well, there never is one. The company in question is posting updates across social media but is not then monitoring, or listening, and is missing out on audience engagement.

Social media marketing for business is not just about broadcasting your message – it is also about listening, interacting, reacting.

Linking all your social media accounts isn’t a time saving exercise – it’s tantamount to cutting corners, defeating the purpose of social business, it is laziness and ultimately damaging to your online business branding.

So, the one thing that you need to do right now to improve your social media is to unlink all of your accounts and take that little bit of extra time to update your platforms according to your audiences’ desires. Social media marketing is not about you – it is all about them.