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Dolphin Computer's Google Reviews
Dolphin July 16, 2021 0 Comments

Why Leave A Review?

In an age where so many decisions are influenced by what we find on the internet, reviews and testimonials have become very important to businesses large and small. We seek out social trust by reading how others have found their experiences to be of dealing with a company, and if all we read are positive reports we are more inclined to trust the product or service being offered.

Why Leave A Google Review?

Google still hold the crown for the go-to search engine, and ‘rewards’ company’s who manage to collect positive Google reviews. By spending five minutes jotting down how you would recommend a local business you are helping that company secure further customers.

If you have had a great experience with a local business and would like to bolster their ratings, their revenue, and their feelings, then please read on to learn how to leave a Google review.

How to leave a Google Review

Go to your usual web browser – for example Google.Com, and in the search box type the business name. In this instance we are showing you ourselves, so you would add Dolphin Computer Upgrades, or Dolphin Computers Hove, Dolphin Computers Brighton – all should bring us up in the search results.

When you click on Dolphin Computers you will see a lot of results listed – but it is the box at the side of the page that we are interested in. This is where you can write a review.

If you click where the arrow on the above illustration is pointing and you aren’t signed into Google it will ask you to do so. Then you can just follow the on screen prompts to add a few words.

And that’s all there is to it – except it means so much more to local businesses – to get the reviews, to hear that their customers are happy, and to know that they are on the right track. So if you can spare a few minutes then please do support the companyies you use and are happy with.

One final note – if you don’t have a Google account, or you don’t want to leave a Google review, then a quick email will also make a huge difference.