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3 ideas to speed up your computer
Dolphin February 11, 2022 0 Comments

3 Ways To Speed Up Your PC

Windows 11 is now out there and some of you have upgraded or bought a new computer that has come with the latest operating system.

For those of us who are on older computers, you may well have noticed that things don’t move as quickly as they used to, and your PC is getting slower.

There are some things you can try to help speed things up before flinging your laptop out of the window in sheer frustration. Here are our top 3 ideas to speed up your computer:

Three Ways To Improve The Speed Of Your Computer Or Laptop

Security Sweep: It’s not always obvious that you have inadvertently let in some form of virus, and it could be worth while running a security scan with your antivirus to check there is nothing untoward lurking in the background and slowing things down.

Clear out the Unused: Laptops and PCs come with a variety of programs pre-installed – some of these you will need, a lot you will not. Plus, there could be software programs or Apps that you have installed in the past that you don’t need or use anymore. In addition, are there old files or movies, or other data you have that is either stored elsewhere or just not needed anymore? Akin to a big spring clean, a clear out of unwanted files and programs could help speed things up for you.

Install an SSD: OK, not strictly something you may be able to do yourself but upgrading your hard drive from the standard to an SSD can significantly improve the performance of your computer. Upgrading to an SSD will speed up everything from boot times to application launches to file transfers. This is the single most noticeable PC upgrade most people can make.

That being said, computers are not made to last these days and if your PC or laptop is too old and slow it may be time to buy something shiny and new.