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Dolphin August 13, 2021 0 Comments

Order a new computer mouse – it works just fine.

Get a new job, desk works well for me.

Looking at laptop keyboard – no issues here.

But then I’m amongst the majority – I am right-handed.

One of my work colleagues, my sister, and several of my friends are not in the majority – they are left-handed.

What we ‘righties’ take for granted as doing what it should, can be more difficult for the ‘lefties’. Sure, they adapt – they’ve had to all of their lives. But what if we could offer the same out-of-the-box experience for those who are left-handed?

August 13th 2021 is International Lefthanders Day and to gain more of an understanding of what causes everyday issues, we asked a left-hander, Freya Ellingham what 10 things would make her working day in the office and in the world of technology easier if they were made with the left-handed in mind.

10 Tech Items That Are Harder For Left-Handed People To Use:

Computer Mouse

A computer mouse is generally set up for right handed people – think this isn’t an issue? Try using your left hand on your current mouse….

Computer Keyboard

In this example you can see that the number pad and other function buttons are on the left-hand side rather than your usual right-handed computer keyboard.

Turn Desks

With a left-handed desk all the areas you need to reach for, as you would expect, are on your left side rather than the standard right-hand turn desk.

RSI Supports

Most desks, computers and accessories are biased towards the right-handed – the same goes with standard RSI support.


The majority of laptops have their USB ports on the right side – can we have a laptop with left side ports please?


No, not the glass ones – Windows, and all other computers, have everything set up for the right-hand users, including all buttons.


It would be great if we could easily swap the navigation controls on phone apps to suit us lefties.


When did you last reach down to alter the position of your office chair and find the control on the other side? Er, everytime….

Monitor Mounts

This doesn’t necessarily need to be left or right – a free floating monitor mount does the job for everyone.


Headphones usually have the microphone on the wrong side, and if they have adjustable volumes on the headsets, these are also right-handed.

10 items most of us take for granted – 10 tech items the left-handed have to adapt to use on a daily basis. And if you think this is all just a little bit of fuss try using all the above products with your left hand and see how adaptable the lefties among us really are.

Thank you Freya for your insight into this – we wish you, and all other left-handers, a very happy International Left-Handers Day.