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POP mailbox or Exchange?

What is the difference between a POP mailbox and Exchange?

When deciding upon the best email for your business you want to make the right choice from the outset to avoid trouble further down the line.

So how do you decide between setting up a POP mailbox or using Exchange?

A pop mailbox is a type of email account that allows you to download and store your email messages on your local device or email client software, such as Outlook, Thunderbird, or Apple Mail. When you access your email account, your email client connects to the email server, downloads your new messages, and then deletes them from the server. This means that your email messages are stored only on your local device and are not accessible from other devices or locations.

Exchange is a server-based email and calendaring system developed by Microsoft, providing a centralised email and calendar management solution for organisations and businesses. With Exchange, your email messages, contacts, and calendar events are stored on a server that is maintained by your organisation. This means that you can access your email and calendar from any device or location that has an internet connection.

Exchange offers many advanced features such as shared mailboxes, resource mailboxes, public folders, and collaboration tools. It also provides better security and data protection features such as data loss prevention, email encryption, and advanced threat protection. But, of course, this also means that it is the more expensive option.

In summary, while a pop mailbox is suitable for individual users who want to manage their email on a single device, Exchange is a more comprehensive and robust email management solution designed for organisations and businesses.

If you need further clarification to ensure you set up the right email for your needs from the outset then please get in touch with us.