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tips for safer internet day 2022
Dolphin February 4, 2022 0 Comments

Safer Internet Day occurs every February, its aim to make the internet a safer and better place for all, especially for children and young people.

As a society we rely heavily upon the Internet, something that has only increased since the pandemic. But along with the multitude of benefits that the World Wide Web brings, it has it’s darker, more sinister side.

Safer Internet Day places an emphasis on the large technology companies to take more responsibility for keeping us safer online. As we filter this down through the ‘ranks’, companies such as ours do our best to keep our customers, our readers of our blog posts, safer online through our advice and extensive hands-on expertise.

Unfortunately, security fatigue is recognised as being one of the big obstacles to keeping people safe online. It refers to the complacency felt after hearing about security breaches over and over again. Being bombarded with messages about installing adequate security on our computers, laptops, phones and routers. Of ensuring our passwords are difficult to guess and different for each site. Of checking our systems are up to date, our backups are actually doing that – backing up. Of remembering to be careful of what we share on social media channels, and with whom.

As tiresome as it all is, the nasty side of the web is not going to go away. Safer Internet Day acts as a reminder to take responsibility for keeping ourselves, and our loved ones safe on our computers. It is not just our children and grandchildren we need to be concerned about, but our elderly friends, neighbours and relatives as well. Being aware of the darker side of the internet will help us to protect ourselves and those around us by not falling for the email scams, rogue text messages, false social media posts and more.