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Two Reasons Your Business Needs Spam Filters
Dolphin July 22, 2022 0 Comments

You know that however much you dislike it, there are things you need to pay for to be able to have your IT systems working correctly and safely. You know you have to have anti-virus. You know you need to have backups. But a spam filter? Why bother with that?

Why You Need A Spam Filter

A decent spam filter is going to cost you money, and you already shell out on all the IT peripheries you are told you need to have. Surely if you have a good internet security solution, you don’t need the added expense of a spam filter?

In truth, you don’t ‘need’ to have it. But the really good spam solutions are worth every penny. Why?

Two Reasons Your Business Needs Spam Filters

  • Time: How much time do you, or your employees, spend at going through, replying, filing, deleting emails? And how many of those emails are genuine, work critical communications? Imagine if you could filter your emails down to those that matter – and only those that matter. You could be reducing your daily inbox by as much as 90% by filtering out anything that is not genuine, i.e. stopping all of those junk emails from ever reaching you in the first place.
  • Security: With the best intentions, no antivirus or internet security is infallible. The greatest risk to the security of your company is your people. More businesses are compromised by human error than by any other means. Malicious emails are becoming harder to spot, and it takes seconds to be fooled and click a link. Installing a good spam filter will stop the majority of these malicious emails from ever reaching the inbox of your employees thereby mitigating the threat.

Adding the cost of a spam filter to your IT budget may seem like an unwarranted expense, but if you weigh up the cost against the wasted time your employees spend filtering out genuine emails, and the consequences of someone compromising your entire company network by clicking a link on a spam email, you begin to see why it is worth including this piece of security software in your IT budget.

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