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Why can't I Update my computer

Why my laptop is not updating?

Updates – pah!

They usually come at the most inconvenient time; just when you had something really important, a pressing deadline, or need to shut down your computer and go. Then when you do follow your prompts and get those pesky updates done, something goes wrong and you wish you’d never started the process.

It may come as a surprise to find out that your computer updates are not designed with the sole purpose of annoying you. That they are there to keep you safe.

A Zero Day Threat is one that hasn’t been seen before and doesn’t match any known malware signatures; as soon as these threats are identified, IT engineers get busy trying to find a security ‘patch’ that will close the door to the known threat – once found, updates are required.

IT is evolving all the time and updates are there not only for security but also to improve the user experience. Think back to the early days of using a computer, of how long it took to dial up to the internet, to load a game, and compare it to the lighting speeds we are now used to. To keep abreast of change, our computers, laptops, tablets and phones all need to be updated.

We all know that as annoying as they are we need to do these updates. But whilst necessary, you may find that with all the will (and patience) in the world, your computer won’t update.


3 Reasons Your Computer or Laptop Won’t Update

There are three main reasons why you can’t update your computer:

Out Of Date: If you have been lapse in updating your systems over time and didn’t install the latest versions over time, you may not be able to skip forward to the current update. Most updates are a little bit like building blocks – you need the lower, older updates, to build upon, and if you don’t have the foundation of earlier updates your systems will stall.

Out Of Space: Having low storage could cause you to flounder when promoted to do the latest updates. When you bought your laptop or PC you may not have thought storage space would matter too much to you; but if you don’t have enough ‘room’ on your systems, you may not have the capability of updating to the safest version.

Out Of Time: Technology is not built to last, and if your PC is too old it won’t be able to update. We have seen this of late with older mobile phone operating systems – the phone may still work fine, but because it cannot support security updates, certain features no longer work. 2 years ago WhatsApp stopped working on older iOS and Android phones, and you will find other hiccups as your devices age.

What can I do then?

We all need to update our computers, laptops and phones, so if you are having issues with your devices then please get in touch and we’ll see how we can get you sorted.

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