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Some Of Our Most Often Asked Questions

What is remote computer support?

Remote IT support can help with software issues, installing Skype and other programs, issues with Zoom, email headaches, some printer problems, system settings, and more.

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Do I Need Paid For Anti Virus?

If you want to keep your data secure, stop unwanted programs being surreptitiously added to your computer, and to minimise the chances of your machines being hacked into then yes, you need to pay for an anti-virus

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What is 2FA?

You may have come across advice to setup two-factor authentication (2FA) on some of the websites or software that you login to. But what is? And when should you use it?

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Why Has My Laptop Slowed Down?

Our patience runs thin when our laptop isn’t as quick as it used to be. But why do our computers slow down? Click below for 3 reasons your laptop has slowed down

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How Can I Keep Safe Working From Home?

A single employee who accidently lets in any type of malware to their computer at home has the potential to bring the entire organisation to its knees. Find out how to stay safe

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What Are The Top Reasons For Data Loss?

One of the worst things about our line of work is letting people know that they have lost everything on their computer, laptop, tablet or phone.

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How do I leave a Google Review?

If you have had a great experience with a local business and would like to bolster their ratings, their revenue, and their feelings, then please click below to learn how to leave a Google review.

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How To Spot Scam Texts

The increase in mobile fraud has grown exponentially with our use of mobile devices and scamming us via SMS has become lucrative for the criminals. So how do you know whether the text message you have received is genuine, or if it is not?

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