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Why has my laptop slowed down
Dolphin September 3, 2021 0 Comments

We are used to technology being instantly responsive and to do what we ask of it as soon as we need it. Long gone are the days of dial up, of inserting a cassette and waiting 20 minutes for something to load. Our patience runs thin when our laptop isn’t as quick as it used to be. But why do our computers slow down?

3 Reasons Your Laptop Has Slowed Down:

You’re on an old OS: If you are still using an older OS (Operating System) if could be slowing your laptop down – and it could also be leaving you vulnerable to hackers. Check which you are using – is it Windows 7, Windows 10, 11, or something else?

You’ve got an infection: It’s not just using an old OS that leaves you open to attack – an out-of-date anti-virus, having more than one anti-virus, having NO anti-virus, all create risks. But even if you do have security, it is possible to by-pass this and still get infected. If it’s not only speed, but also other strange things happening on your laptop you may have some form of virus.

You’ve run out of storage: It can be tempting to buy that cheap laptop that you saw – why pay a few hundred pounds more when you can get such a bargain? One reason is the storage capacity – we’re talking RAM here. Cheaper systems often have very low storage; Laptops with minimal RAM get filled up very quickly, especially if you are storing a lot of images, sound files, or trying to use it for streaming.

There are other reasons that your laptop may have slowed down, we haven’t even mentioned cats…..; but checking what specs you have, whether your software and OS are on the latest versions, and whether you have a virus are your first points to consider.