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How Do I Check If My Email Has Been Shared Online?

Another day, another data breach…. It gets tiresome hearing this doesn’t it?

This spring we heard that Facebook had a security breach; Facebook said, “it’s fine – this was from way back!” Those who scan the web for the information garnered from security breaches disagreed – the personal information that they were finding on the ‘dark web’ appeared to be more recent. But who are we to argue with the Tech Gods?

The exact nature of a company’s data being hacked – the timings, the reasons, the blame – is not ours to argue. At least not now in this blog post. Instead, we’re letting you know how to check if your email is among those that has been scraped from a website illegally and then shared online.

So how do you know If your details have been taken and shared?

There is a website that you can enter your details into, and it will alert you if your email has been breached – but said website has gone further and has now included phone number checking. No doubt you have had scam phone calls and some of you may be wondering where these people have got your number from. By checking on this site you may find some clues.

  The site we recommend that you go take a look at is called HaveIBeenPwned 

It is so easy to use, just pop by, add your email or your telephone number, and you can see if your personal data has been shared after a breach. If your email or phone number does come up it will let you know from which site it has been taken.

Has my email been shared online

If your email or phone number appears, check which site was involved and ensure you change your details.

Regular password hygiene should be part of your general computer security protocol, as should having a really good anti-virus and a secure, encrypted backup on all of your devices.

If you would like any further information on this subject or any other aspect of computer and internet safety and security then please do get in touch.
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